Contextual Tag Cloud Browser for the Billion Triple Challenge

The Contextual Tag Cloud Browser is a novel system that helps users to explore a large scale Semantic Web dataset. You might have heard tag cloud systems in the traditional Web 2.0 sense. However our tag cloud is defined differently.

Web 2.0Our System
What is a tag?A folksonomy defined by usersAn ontological term(class or property)
What defines the tag size in the tag cloud?The count of documents marked by the tag
What is a document marked by a tag?A web page tagged by usersAn instance associated with the ontological term in the dataset
What happens when a tag is clicked?Show a list of documents of the tag&Show another contextual tag cloud with this tag added to context

The initial tag cloud has an empty context, and the tags in the tag cloud reflect the absolute sizes of instances related to each tag. Here are something you can click:

For more technical details, please read our draft paper (submitted to BTC in ISWC 2012).

If you have any further questions or want to report a bug, please contact us: xiz307 at